9 year old girl annihilates bullies

Milla Bizzotto, 9, is more bad ass than you. 

On Friday, she completed the 24-hour BattleFrog, an obstacle course designed for Navy SEALs. The goal is to do as many loops of the grueling course as you can. Milla finished having run 36 miles, swam 4.9 miles, and clearing a ton of obstacles. I have not swam 4.9 miles in my life I don't think. The running I could do for sure, but not when I was 9 years old. And the obstacles on these courses are not designed for 9 year old girls so that is flat out impressive.

Why'd she do it? Listen below.

"I wanted to inspire kids to get off the couch and show that they have a special inside of them and tell the people who don't believe in them who they really are."

Milla reportedly trained 18-20 hours a week for 90 days in preparation for the BattleFrog. Here is a training video of hers.

This is a little terrifying and very intense for a 9 year old, but I like what she's doing. Could be worse, she could be playing Zelda all day.