Check out this talent: Hannah Ellingwood

Disclosure: I've known Hannah for a while and have always known she is a great talent. Regardless, you gotta check her work out! Her site:

If the piece above does not impress you, send me something you personally made that is better, my email is on the contact page of this site. That is a fox layered cut out made of paper. It's yawning to perfection, and the colors pop like fireworks on the fourth of July. There's like 150 different shades of orange in the fur. The nose might as well be dripping its so realistic. 


DiCaprio would and should fear this beast. Looks a lot like the one that almost killed him in his Oscar winning role. Not sure how many layers this bad boy is, but it's really realistic and would go great above a large fireplace in a family room.

How about a different art form?

Elllingwood works with cut paper, watercolor, colored pencil, mixed media, and print making. AND she does commissions. She'll design your next custom tattoo, and paint crazy-sexy-cool things on any surface your heart desires.

Once again, the link to her site: