Jerry Jones spends money when he's sad

I know much if not all of America knows this, even if they don't want to admit it, but The Dallas Cowboys are mediocre. Nothing more, nothing less. Entertaining at times, abysmal at others. They have the easiest record to predict year in and year out. You could go up to a girl who hates football, tell her that there are 16 games in a season, and there is a good chance she may utter "8 and 8."

 Owner Jerry Jones always brings the circus to town with his team. But alas, he has found another way to bring you the people to his circus! 

Now instead of going to Jerry's original "Billion Dollar Play Pen," also known as the Cowboys home turf or AT&T stadium, you can go to the plush facility rendered above. The new complex entitled "The Ford Center At The Star" will be located about 25 miles outside of Dallas and will include the Cowboys' offices, two outdoor practice fields and a 12,000-seat indoor stadium. None of these things will make Dez Bryant any less of a clown or make Romo's shoulder anything more than a pane of glass with 17 cracks. 

The Star will also include retail shopping and an Omni hotel! Which means that sad fans will be able to buy even more "America's Team" gear. 

Not one of these things will make the Cowboys play better on Sunday. I realize that Jerry has more money than God, but money does not buy wins in the NFL, and it obviously does not buy happiness. The amount of self-inflicted pain the Cowboys experience on a yearly basis cannot be solved by the most magical practice facility in the world.

I'm convinced Jerry just comes home from his play pen after a prime time loss and plots his next business venture. "If we can't win games, we will at least look better and have fancier things than the other franchises."

If anything, Jerry should be spending his money adding additional pubs to his play pen so the sad fans can drink away there sorrows, or he could shell out a few dollars for someone that knows how to coach the game of football. His choice.