The God Morgan Freeman does not like selfies

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Morgan Freeman was tasked with narrating an unsuspecting man walking down the street carrying a selfie stick. I am one of the many people who does not give a crap what Mr. Freeman is talking about, I am listening. His voice cuts through your soul like Tom Brady's passes cut through the blustering wind.

The look on Freeman's face is priceless throughout the video, but really peaks towards the end when they pan to him having just verbally demoralized grown men who like to take selfies. 

The fact that Freeman is so willing to randomly narrate anything people ask him to is great, i'm just not sure where he finds the time to do any of this seeing how he constantly has a new movie coming out. Don't believe me? Look at his IMDb. The man is 78 years old and has 4 movies in the works and London Has Fallen coming out this week. (not listed here)

Hard-working men do not take selfies! If Mr. Freeman doesn't like selfies, nor should you. The God has spoken and he demands to be heard.