Woman calls 911 over incorrect pizza

NBC ConnecticutA woman called 911 to complain that a Hartford, Connecticut, pizza shop made a mistake with her order and wouldn’t return her money, so she wanted police officers to get it back for her.
The woman said she ordered a small half-cheese, half-bacon pizza from Empire Pizza on New Britain Avenue, but they gave her one that had hamburger on half of it.
The pizza shop said the incident happened a couple weeks ago and they would have been happy to replace the order, but the woman said she'd already eaten half of the pizza.

Listen to the call below.

Wow. While I do agree that this is sort of an emergency, especially if the woman wanted bacon, the fact that she called the cops is hilariously sad. What's worse, everyone knows that her only shot to get anything out of this deal was destroyed when she ate half the pizza.

Nothing about this situation warranted the police, but hey, maybe she had a cheeseburger for lunch and she didn't want to have to eat more hamburg? That's the best I got. 

PS. The woman got her money back and got to eat half of the pizza for free, but she's no longer allowed at Empire Pizza.