Who watches 60 second Instagram videos?

Instagram recently updated and now allows users to post 60 second videos. Lord help us. There is no reason for anyone to be posting 60 seconds of anything they are doing during the day. There are a lot of things I would never watch 60 seconds of....

1. 60 seconds of drunk girls yelling and dancing at bars.

2. 60 seconds of someone petting their cat.

3. 60 seconds of someone bored at work. (Being bored at work is also no excuse to watch 60 second Instagram videos)

4. 60 seconds of someone making their dinner.

5. 60 seconds of someone promoting anything.

The list is infinite.

I can only make it through 5 seconds of anything that anyone might be doing during their daily life. I thought the point of Instagram was photos? It is a great app for sharing photos and SHORT video clips, maybe a montage of photos. Show me pics of your dog, your hot girlfriend or even your greasy pizza dinner, but do not video tape that shit.  

Instagram needs to let Snapchat do the videos. And just for the record, Snapchat has 60 second videos too, and they are also insufferable. I have never watched a full 60 second snap of anything, ever. Let me get a little sneak peek into your daily life? Sure, 10 seconds or so can be funny and entertaining. Let me watch a minute of your life? I am unfollowing you.