BC needs practice

This past fall, the BC Eagles went 3-9 with a peachy 0-8 conference mark. The grid iron was their grave yard. They failed to move the ball, stop the other team, call good football plays....they did have a really solid kicking game though.  

Fast forward to this current basketball season and the Eagles are once again killing the game with a 7-23 record, including a solid 0-17 mark in conference play. THE LAST TIME A (MAJOR CONFERENCE) TEAM WENT WINLESS IN CONFERENCE PLAY IN BOTH FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL WAS WORLD WAR II.

Are the same players that played football also on the basketball team, are we dealing with a bunch of 2 sport athletes here?

BC has one last chance to not be the worst team ever against ACC opponent Clemson (16-13) on Saturday night. I'm not sure if they are motivated or entirely defeated at this point, but this game could make for some great TV, maybe. 

I grew up in NH and my grandpa has always been a huge BC fan so I have kept an eye on their sports teams forever, I've never seen anything this bad. I have no idea how they became this inept at sports. Did they stop recruiting? Did they stop getting recruits hookers during visits? Are they actually following the NCAA recruiting rules? They need to tamper to get better players! Maybe they should copy Syracuse? If they get caught, at least they won't be losing games because they will be suspended. Win-win for everyone. 

Good luck to the Eagles tomorrow night. Go make history!