Lil Mama is learning

Lil Mama cannot rap. Never could, never will be able to. But, anyone who says she can't dance, is not paying attention. the girl can dance her ass off. 

It seems as though Lil Mama may slowly be coming to terms with the fact that she cannot rap. This week, instead of releasing what would surely be a god-awful remix of Rihanna's latest #1 record "work," Lil Mama thought better....just kidding, no she didn't. Here is Lil Mama spitting straight hot garbage bars over Rihanna's smash record. Mama even manages to ruin the songs already awful chorus with her own singing. Warning: watching the video below is best done with the volume all the way down to 0. 

The worst part of this entire production is that at one point during the song Mama raps "2016, got a lot of music dropping." NOOOO.

Everyone has talent of some sort, I just wish Lil Mama would realize hers is not rapping or singing. Here's to hoping the new music she has coming this year is in the form of silent videos, if that's possible.