Kim K did it all wrong

Erin Andrews was just awarded $55 million dollars following her suit against a Nashville Marriott and a man that took a naked video of her.

Kim Kardashian (and her family) made millions off a sex tape between her and R&B artist Ray J. the reason I say Kardashian did it (pun intended) all wrong, is for a few reasons. 

1) Kim had to have sex with Ray J, who sucks and is truly devoid of talent. Here's his latest video.

2) Although Kim's family is still raking in the money for unknown reasons, even the psychotic Kardashian clan would have trouble earning $55 million overnight. 

3) Kim willingly had sex with Ray J, and was not embarrassed about it. Even though she acted for half a second like she was.

4) Andrews owns her stalker, Michael Ray Barrett, forever. He owes her $28 million,  more than the Marriott hotel ($26 million). Kim K. does not own Ray J, unfortunately, he is also still collecting paychecks off of their sex tape.

5) Because she decided to have sex with Ray J, Kim is solely responsible for Ray J still being a person.

6) Kim could have simply installed a video camera into a hotel wall, pranced around in her room with no clothes on, and then blamed it on the hotel. Then Ray J would not still be releasing "music." 

Just think if this scandal happened in a Hilton hotel, then I could have fit Kim Kardashian, Erin Andrews, AND Paris Hilton into the same post.

Here's to hoping Erin Andrews does not get her own sitcom on E! following her settlement.