Beer-themed spa = mmhhmm

CNBC posted an article about Hop In The Spa, a beer themed spa located in Sisters, OR. Hop In The Spa advertises the ability for customers to "fully immerse themselves in hop-infused spa treatments."

The company is already booking three months out and planning to expand to another location. This is no surprise to me, I would pay human dollars to bathe in beer. As long as my head is above the hop level, I'm 100% in on this idea. Speaking of this idea, it's been around overseas for years....figures. Why does the US always lag in alcohol trends?

The Hop In The Spa has a whole process, read the link in the first sentence if you want all the details/science. 

If I can pay some money to relax in Clown Shoes (the beer) after a long run, yes please. I can picture my sweaty pores filling up with bubbles as I relax and let my body relax in the aroma of hops. You know who would likely lay star-fish-style in a vat of beer......

So maybe the video above does not reflect the hop spa, I'd like to think this spa is classy, but its the same idea, beer everywhere.

I cannot wait for more information behind the health of laying in beer to come out. This is a trend that should catch on in the states. Build one of these beer spas in a college town, I can hear the dollars piling up. 

PS. Amar'e Stoudemire is not invited to any beer spas....this wine bath did nothing for his knees, credibility, or social media presence. Classic Knicks.