Rock v. Efron

I'm not sure why they are making a new Baywatch film, but it turns out that the set of this film just may be the most fun place on earth. Just one look at either The Rock or Zac Efron's Instagram offers up ample proof.

Look at this, we got Mr. High School Musical himself hanging in there with The Rock in a tire flipping competition. Efron has been in some, ok a lot, of dreadful films. But my lord is that dude in great shape. Efron does admit that he lost to The Rock, but this photo is proof that he was hanging if he can just get a good movie roll.

Next we have Rock hanging out with a bad ass pup. They have the same smile. And someone needs to get The Rock some bigger shoes. This is not the Hercules Movie (thank God), he needs real shoes.

And finally, if you are wondering about any of the female characters in the film, look at Rock's Instagram, he gives a nice little introduction to each like only he can. 

Time will tell if this whole new Baywatch movie thing is a good idea, but one thing is for sure, the film will not be lacking color. Every shot from the set is a rainbow. Could they squeeze anymore color into these shots?