Welcome to the AFC East, Byron Maxwell

Pending physicals, both Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso are headed to Miami. Just one year into their respective deals, both players are coming off down seasons in Philly. Maxwell due to stinking up the joint and Alonso due to a mixture of stinking up the joint and being injured.

The video above is of Byron Maxwell (then with the Seahawks) checking the air pressure in the football of a Tom Brady pass during Superbowl 49. The Seahawks lost the game thanks to Tom Brady slicing their defense like a paper shredder in the 4th quarter and Malcolm Butler making one of the gutsiest plays in NFL history.

Either way, if and when Maxwell passes his physical and drags his monstrous 6-year, $63 million dollar contract to Miami, he will be seeing a lot more passes from TB12.

Does that ball feel like Brady will loop this video on his iPad before the Pats two Dolphin games next year Byron? Because that's what it feels like to me. I can see Brady sitting at his locker visualizing throwing a bullet right by Maxwell into the wide open arms of Edelman for an 18 yard gain, walking back to the huddle with a smile, and then calling the same play again. 

Welcome to Miami, Byron.