An ode to Brian Johnson

Billboard and many other sites have been posting devastating news for anyone hoping to see an upcoming AC/DC in the United States. Brian Johnson, the bands leading vocalist ever since Bon Scott died in 1980, is facing total hearing loss. For anyone who has seen AC/DC, this comes as no surprise. The problem is, Johnson is being told not to sing anymore by doctors.

If I'm a ticket holder, I am running to the refund booth as fast as possible. Ever since Johnson took over, AC/DC has not missed a step. They put out a little album called Back In Black the same year Scott died and have never looked back.

I don't want to hear about how AC/DC has 18 hits all using the same chords. Tom Brady has 4 Superbowl rings using the same brain, Steph Curry has hit a trillion 3-pointers this season using the same moves, its all the same. Why fix legendary shit?

Bon Scott was incredible, but so is Johnson. Both of these guys can belt it out the way AC/DC was meant to be belted out, and I am not willing to bet my hard earned concert ticket money on the band striking gold with a lead singer for a third time.

That being said, Angus Young himself, dressed in his school boy uniform, writhing on stage, is worth the price of admission. I mean....  

Couple things about this video:

1) That is a big F&^%in crowd

2) Angus' suede school boy suit is so fire

3) Angus' hat falls off 51 seconds into the video.....

4) Please feel free to play the Thunderstruck drinking game 

5) Brian Johnson has the voice of a winner

Someone please give Johnson a bionic set of hearing aids so the rock can continue. AC/DC cannot be replaced. No way, no how.