Andrew Bogut is Curry's hype man

Steph Curry is the greatest shooter we have ever seen with a basketball in his hand. His range knows no bounds, his release takes less time than a bee sting, and his confidence this season has been in the rafters. you know who's confidence may be higher than even Curry's? His teammate Andrew Bogut.

It has gotten to the point this season where nobody has the right to even think one of Curry's shots is going to do anything but find the bottom of the net, especially if he gets the hot hand. 

Last night, Bogut showed his confidence in the Orlando Magic defense by crossing over the half court line with one finger held above his head, before Curry's shot went in. In fact, if you watch the video closely you will see that Bogut is actually holding that finger up before Curry lets go of the ball. He might as well of said, "start the buses, boys."

Bogut has nothing to do with the success of this shot, yet he was 100% sure it was going in. Granted the Magic decided to take a strategy that involved leaving Curry alone within 50 feet of the basket, which usually leads to points for Golden State. 

Bold strategy, Orlando. Curry hasn't layed a brick in 3 years. 

The Warriors should start doing this as a team, as soon as it looks like Curry may uncork a shot, the other 4 guys do what Bogut did last night. The scary thing is, they may actually beat teams doing that.