Bots are officially starting to take over. You are no longer the greatest pancake designer of all time, you have been replaced. PancakeBot is here.

For $299 you too can have this state of the art pancake genie. It can create different shades on your pancakes, make your pancakes jump off the plate, even make your pancakes show emotions. 

The bot looks like one of those water cutters that hurl water through steel with amazing precision, but alas its just a harmless pancake maker, I think. 

If it were less than $299, I would definitely own one. Its a novelty for now, but just wait until someone mass produces these puppies at a cheaper cost. I'll be holding the "Race To Create Trump's Face" in my kitchen.

The games and competition ideas with this bot are endless. You could set a timer and play "pancake pictionary" or you could play around with the batter colors of your favorite celebs. One pale Obama coming hot off the griddle!