Phelps is looking grizzly

I'm sure nobody cares to remember this, but once upon a time, Michael Phelps swore he was done with competitive swimming for good. He planned on taking his 18 Olympic gold medals and swimming off into the sunset. It has been known for some time now that he will compete in this Summer's games in Rio, and today Under Armour released this...

Phelps, 30, looks like a grizzled man beast who is ready to swim his way to as many golds as he so desires. This is a great ad because it shows Phelps as a human, unshaven, struggling, and being yelled at. By the looks of this ad, he could have been cast in the Revenant along side DiCaprio and Hardy.

Phelps is ancient in swimming years so he knows he has to bring his A-game to Rio if he wants to have a Manning-like last ride. 

For a guy that has blurred the line between man and fish, this ad is a worthy buildup to what will actually be his last dance this summer. What a wet and glorious dance it will be.