7th grader v. NFL

A Massachusetts 7th grader with the same last name as the idiot commissioner of the NFL just won his second straight science fair by proving Tom Brady's innocence in Deflategate. Screw you Colts! And Ravens! And NFL!

Ben Goodell, a student at St. Pius V Elementary School, conducted a study on deflated footballs with the hope of proving Brady's innocence. 

Goodell's Deflategate project required taking properly inflated footballs and exposing them to different weather conditions such as snow, wind chill, humidity, cold, and ice.

"Every time, it dropped two PSI. The lowest PSI recorded during deflategate was two PSI under proper inflation. I had [the football] at proper inflation when I started," Goodell said. BOOM! Drop the mic Ben.

The Pats need to sign this kid to a contract as one of Belichick's behind the scenes guys who just works hard to piss the NFL off.

With the rising salary cap, the team can afford Ben, and I'm sure the kid would take a home town discount. Signing him would probably lead to Childgate or maybe Babybraingate.

In other news, NFL free agency starts today!