Bartolo Colon is ancient

Did you know Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon, 42, played for the Montreal Expos?!? The Expos have not been a team since 2005, and Colon is officially the last Expo playing in the major leagues.

There is talk of the MLB returning to Montreal, if this is true, it would be amazing if Colon was still breathing and joined the squad. 

This is Colon's spring training photo from this season.... 

When/if Colon feels the need to retire, he should clearly join the cast of Narcos. This photo is perfect for his casting photo for television. The fact that his nickname is Big Sexy is great, but not fitting. Colon is the least good looking and certainly most washed up pitcher on one of, if not the, best rotation in the entire league. 

I feel like he should be harrier, does Colon shave his arms? And I have no idea how his hat ever stays on his dome with that hair do he's got. Speaking of that do, he should get a full on jerry curl. He could be the darker brother of Kenny Powers. 

The similarities are endless! Never retire Bartolo. I don't even like the Mets but watching this old guy play is great fun.