AMC may allow cell phones in theaters

Its been reported that AMC is looking into allowing texting in certain theaters in hopes of not losing younger customers who are unwilling to turn off their phones in the theater.

That sentence is not the joke I really wish it was.

The idea of allowing texting in movie theaters is so dumb, I cannot even believe AMC would ponder such a thing. I know at the end of the day its a business and they want to make as much money as possible, but allowing cell phones is a slippery slope.

So many things can happen if people are allowed to use their phones in the theater. You think pirating movies is a problem now? Allow devices that can tape films into the theaters and see what happens. The spoilers will be everywhere 3 seconds after the film premieres. Smart phones are powerful enough that people could sit in their seats and create gifs and memes. 

Whats next after movie theaters? Are we going to allow texting in classrooms? How about in business meetings? Or maybe we should just allow texting and driving so that we can weed out the people who cannot put their phones down for 90 minutes to watch a movie that they paid for.

Half the fun of going to the movies is that there are no interruptions from the outside world. Its a group of people who have paid for the right to experience a new film in the sanctuary that is a movie theater. 

It makes me so angry when someone is texting anywhere around me during a movie. What am I paying for if their are dumb ass kids texting during the movie? I might as well just stay home and watch a movie in my living room at that point. If someone is texting, the dirty looks they are getting are everywhere, nobody likes texting in a theater and if you do, we are not friends. 

Never has anyone ever been allowed to text in a movie theater, and they have been around for a long time last time I checked. Movie theaters are one of the only places that cell phones are not allowed, and it needs to stay that way.....forever.

AMC should not want the patronage from anyone who cannot turn their cell phone off for a few hours. PATHETIC. That cannot be the best idea AMC has to drive revenue going forward.