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Last night was just another example why being a Boston sports fan is one of the greatest things a human can be.

Nobody from Boston likes ESPN or its sister stations, but last night ESPN and ESPN2 were home to the Red Sox and Celtics. The Sox were going up against the undefeated Orioles, sitting at 7-0 on the young MLB season.

The Red Sox played a full nine innings of sound baseball, beating the Orioles 4-2. Bogearts, Bradley, and Betts were all raking and stealing bases, just beautiful. The pitching continues to be a work in progress, but the Sox are off to a fine start in the AL East.

The Celtics came out last night for the last game of the season and played about as bad as they could for the entire first half, finding themselves down 26 points. But Bill Belichick was in the house and he was smiling! The Celts knew they could not let him down and went on a 20-0 run in the second half and ultimately won by 10. Just the largest comeback in the NBA this season, no biggie.

Brad Stevens easily took the team to the locker room at half time and gave them a Belichickian speech, telling them how sad and horrible they were prior to the second half. Love it. The Celts head to the playoffs now and I have more faith than ever that they will make some noise. They don't need a star player, they have 5 foot 9 Isiah Thomas.

It is nights like last night where being a Boston sports fan cannot be matched. Just flipping back and forth between 2 channels of Beantown greatness. 

Other big things happened last night in the sports world, but no fan base could have been happier than Bostons, per usual.