Kobe being Kobe one last time

As you have most definitely heard by now, Kobe Bryant played his last game ever last night. The game had no playoff implications and the entire day was billed as #kobeday all over the globe.

So what did Kobe do for his last hurrah? He threw the ball at the basket 50 times and scored 60 points in a Lakers come from behind win over the sad Jazz who had just been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  

Kobe has done this for the last 3 seasons. The Lakers have been so bad, he has had nobody to pass to, he has been the best option even at his advanced age. Here it is, 7 minutes of Kobe...for the last time.

Kobe was great, he has played in the NBA for over half of the years he has been alive, so I have no idea how he will cope with that reality come the beginning of next season, but we will find out when the time comes......for now I would personally rather watch this.