Sitting next to the window at work

Sitting next to the window at work is the equivalent to having fancy leather seats in your car. During the winter, its so cold you could snap a wet blanket. In the summer, come noon time you are roasting like a falcon burger. but alas its where everyone wants to be because of the view and mantra that comes along with the location.

Spring and fall are great, all hunky dory just chilling with an awesome view of the parking lot. 

The windows to the left of my desk at my office are floor to ceiling and have 2 panes, so there is no such thing as opening the window when it gets warm out. I'm pretty sure that the building is fortified in case of some soft of aerial attack, but whatever.

The windows act like a magnifying glass that is focused on both my computer, causing the fan to sound like a jet engine, and my body, turning me into an uncomfortable noodle.

Even with the AC on inside the office, the temperature by the window stays right around 78.....and its only April. Its like being in the Bermuda Triangle, just off the grid where nobody can help you.

Some day my black keyboard gets hot enough that my fingers get a nice tan while I'm typing. Nothing like a little brow sweat on a mid-april day to convey to the boss you are working hard.