ESPN has Patriots going 10-6 in 2016

ESPN does this every year with the NFL schedule, and every year it is so stupid and way off the mark.

They count down the reveal of the NFL schedule, they even have an entire show around the reveal of the schedule. During the show, they go through every single NFL game that will be played during the up coming season and predict the outcome.....before the draft even happens. Which means rosters are not finalized, players will be getting injured, waived, arrested, and everything else, all before the season begins in September.

Here is the Patriots schedule, followed by ESPN's guess at the teams record.

ESPN has the Pats finishing at 10-6. Did they forget how unstoppable the Patriots offense was last season before Dion Lewis went down? All signs point to Lewis being well on his way to being 100% this season, and the Patriots have more offensive weapons at their disposal. 10-6 makes no sense, assuming Brady plays the first 4 games, which they did while predicting.

I will admit there are a lot of moving parts with the Pats this season. Will Brady be under center for the first 4 games? Will Chris Hogan and Martellus Bennett figure out the Pats offense? Will the Pats find a viable running game down the stretch?

Here's what all of the guys that hate the Pats and work at ESPN are forgetting: Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and all of the fans could give two shits about who is on the other side of the ball, they are just an opponent, they do not have Tommy Touchdown, Bill Belichick or any will power that can hold a candle to the amount of anger the Pats feels towards the league.

Allow me to fill you in on how the Patriots season will go, and yes I believe Brady will be there for the first 4 games.

Week 1: Prime time away game against the Cardinals in Arizona. Oh no, the house of horrors! You know who could give zero fucks about this so called house of horrors? Malcolm Butler. The Pats finally pulled one out in AZ on the biggest stage and no longer fear the desert. This game will be a battle, but I like a Stephen Gostkowski field goal to win it, Touchdown Tommy looks forward to opening day all year! Like a kid in a candy shop. 28-27. (1-0)

Week 2: A 3 game home stand begins with the Dolphins and their dysfunctional front office throwing money around like its water. 31-17. (2-0) 

Week 3: JJ Watt and company make the trip to Gillette without a QB per usual. Watt and that defense will make it tough, but Dion Lewis and the revamped running game will be the difference. 24-21. (3-0)

Week 4: Chris Hogan will score 2 TD's against his former team and Bills Mafia will once again go home drunk and sad. 31-14. (4-0)

Week 5: The Cleveland Browns first home game of the season! RG3 playing in front of his new "fans." Pleaseeee. 42-14. (5-0)

Week 6: The Cincinnati Bengals HATE Foxboro. They shit their pants every time they come. This will not be one of those games, the Bengals will keep it very close and almost pull one out of their assholes, but no. 21-20. (6-0)

Week 7: This will be an all-time shoot out. Both the Steelers and the Pats have so many offensive weapons, it will only take a quarter for both defenses to tire to the point of opening the flood gates. In Heinz field, I will give the Steelers the W. All bets are off if they decide to taunt Gronk prior to kickoff AGAIN. 42-45. (6-1)

Week 8: Pats travel to the Bills at the mid way point in the season. Some defensive breakdowns and a special teams gaffe give the Bills the W. The Pats never sweep the Bills easily. 24-28. (6-2)

Week 9: Bye week.

Week 10: The Seahawks come to Gillette following a Patriots bye week. Touchdown Tommy and Belichick remind The Legion Of Boom of Super Bowl 49. 31-24. (7-2)

Week 11: This is when the Pats really hit their stride every season. Humming on all cylinders. Touchdown Tommy has never played in the Bay Area, but he was born there. Oh, and the 49ers stink. 35-14. (8-2)

Week 12: Prime time game against the Jets. A few things that need to work themselves out before anyone (yes, even you ESPN) can make a prediction on this one. If Fitzmagic is under center for the Jets and Marshall and Decker are healthy (all big ifs), I see the Jets pulling on out here. However, I do not believe the Jets offense will be healthy, and therefore, Pats keep rolling. There is no way Fitzmagic does not sign with the Jets unless he retires, in my opinion. 21-14. (9-2)

Week 13: The Rams are on the clock, which means they will have a shiny new franchise QB under center for this game with a whole 11 starts under his belt (maybe). The Rams defense is no joke, but this game is in Foxboro. 31-17. (10-2)

Week 14: This is probably the best game on the schedule. Week ones game is good, but week one is always a crap shoot, training camp injuries, holdouts, out of shape players, etc. This game is in Foxboro but I am fully aware that the Ravens do not care. There two teams hate one another and I like the Pats chances at home because the crowd will be WILD from the opening kick. 28-27. (11-2)

Week 15: Nothing about the Denver Broncos says they have any business winning this game. But that was the case last season and they won the Super Bowl. Denver had its vaunted defense gutted, lost both its QB's and Demaryius Thomas looked 37 years old during last years Super Bowl run (he's only 28). Their defense always plays TB12 tough and I do not see this game going any different, but the Pats are not losing to this team without a QB. 21-17. (12-2)

Week 16: This is where the Jets beat the Pats. The division caps and shirts have already been handed out in the Pats locker room weeks ago, the Pats have a tough time dealing with the Jets defense the second time around, as they will be much improved from earlier in the season. 27-28. (12-3)

Week 17: Every God damn season the Pats finish with a game in scalding hot Miami. Nobody on the Pats wants to play in Miami on January 1st when the team has been practicing in the snow, sleet and hail all winter. This stupid tradition needs to stop. Pats rest Gronk, Edelmania, Lewis, and most of the defensive starters in the second half, if not the entire game. The game becomes a sloppy eye sore. 20-21. (13-3)

There it is. Read it and weep, Pats haters & ESPN.