Edelman and Amendola cops

Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola no doubt spent the off season together and the results are entertaining. Nothing short of what is expected from 2 of the league's best looking wide outs.

Apart from the lifting and running the 2 wide receivers did together, working on their acting chops seems to be part of the duo's off season routine. 

In the latest video posted to Edelman's YouTube account, the 2 Patriots clean up the streets while protecting and serving burgers. 

To me this video means that football season is too far away. I want less cop uniforms and more watching these 2 white guys catch lasers from Touchdown Tommy.

PS. The Pats need to pay Amendola and keep him around. Touchdown Tommy likes having his white guys happy and in place for the season. No doubt the chemistry will be off the charts on the gridiron.