Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt team up for some ass kicking

A remake of the the classic film "The Magnificent Seven" is coming to a theater near you this September. I was skeptical about this film when I heard they were remaking it last year. This teaser trailer put all of my doubts to rest. Some of my favorite parts from the trailer: 

1. Denzel Washington has been kicking major ass on the big screen for a long time. I'll see anything with him in it, love everything about him. Seeing Washington with a mustache and side burns riding a horse made me very excited.   

2. Chris Pratt is everywhere right now and this movie looks like it will continue his streak of picking the right movies to star in - a skill he could learn more about from Washington. Pratt is winning all around these days.

3. The redhead who tells Denzel, "I'll seek righteousness, but I'll take revenge." Not only is that line heavy, but you can tell it lights a fire under Washington as he looks down on her. 


4. Whatever the hell this thing is. Looks like some Rambo shit. The body count will be high in this here film, no doubt about that.

5. This guy who appears to be playing the western version of Legolas from Lord Of The Rings. Love me some dudes emptying the quiver on the big screen. 

Now that I've teased you with these delicious screen grabs, here is the teaser trailer. I cannot wait for September 23rd.