Its 4/20, all NFL players should be tested TODAY

The amount of NFL players that lose millions of dollars every season due to drug suspensions always blows my mind. The majority of the suspensions stem from smoking marijuana, a drug that is supposedly not addicting. I know some of these big meat heads are not the smartest tools in the shed, but here's a simply equation that they can all handle ( I think). 

If NFL players don't know what that means, I don't know how they made the roster. They do have to memorize at least part of a playbook right? I don't smoke the ganja myself, but I did go to college and I do know that marijuana is not expensive in the least bit. If any NFL player can show me a joint worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, I'll light it for them.

An NFL player can make a lot of money in a short amount of time and can also have that money taken away any minute with injuries or declining skills. Why would you jeopardize any of that cash for a cheap ass drug?

So, I propose a league wide test for every NFL player on 4/20, practice squad players included. If a player is currently getting any money from an NFL organization they should be tested. Off season training officially begins a few days before 4/20, so none of the players should have any illegal substances in their systems. If they do, they obviously cannot be trusted to make it through the long and grueling NFL season without lighting up. 

This is a very easy rule for the NFL to implement and its perfect. 4/20 is dumb, especially if you are a professional football player who, whether you like it or not, are a role model for younger players.