Andrew Luck is starting a book club

ESPN - "I've been called the unofficial librarian of the Colts, which is kind of cheesy," the Colts QB said. "But the truth is that I love to read both fiction and non-fiction and I feel strongly about the power of reading. So I thought, 'Why not start a real book club?'"

I'll tell you why you should not start a real book club Andrew, because you are a public figure and shit like this will happen. News travels fast and you know what is synonymous with founding a book club? Bring SOFT. 

How in the world are you going to become an NFL champion by publicly reading books? Stop it. QB's like Tom Brady who are accustomed to winning football games when they matter are very smart and may very well read in their free time, but Brady would never start a book club.

Brady would never accept the nickname of "team librarian," neither would Montana, Marino, or Favre for that matter. You know how many on-field taunts starting a book club will get you? Does the nickname "team librarian" pump you up or motivate you to play harder? How can the team librarian be tasked with leading a group of grown muscle bound men?

A book club is not what Andrew Lucks' image needs right now, or ever. 

Touchdown Tommy is licking his sexy chops and cannot wait to read Andrew a bedtime story after the Pats obliterate the Colts this season.

Keep reading your books Andrew, the other 31 QB's in the league will stick to doing football things. 

Maybe the confusing book plots are the reason for the patented Andrew face that has officially taken over for the Manning face since The Sheriff is retired.