The Celtics can do this

Last night the Celtics overcame a 16 point deficit to even the series with the Hawks at 2-2. Isaiah Thomas and Jonas Jerebko were on fire while Marcus Smart was everywhere on the defensive side of the floor as the Celts were able to suffocate the Hawks at the Garden.

Numerous Patriots players sat court side and the Garden was absolutely rocking during the entire 4th quarter. The Celts do not have one superstar, but they do have Isaiah Thomas who is 5 foot 9 and has been the best player on the floor at most times during this series.

Brad Stevens has coached his ass off all season and during the last 2 games of this series, the Celts have shown that coaching has been paying off. The teamwork cannot be matched by the Hawks, especially on the defensive side of the floor......and that is why I want the Celts to move on to face Cleveland in round 2.

Cleveland just finished off their sweep of the Pistons last night and will have time to rest and wait for either the Celts or the Hawks. But, I see the Hawks giving up too easily when the game is on the line and that is something that Brad Stevens teams simply do not do.

I truly believe that Cleveland would steamroll the Hawks in the second round in 5 games. I give the Hawks one game because eventually LeBron will need a night off and I think that day would come when the Cavs were up 3-0 and the Hawks would to steal one.

The Celts would not allow LeBron to take a night off because of their defense (which has allowed them to come from behind in a lot of games this season). By game 4 that defense will have made LeBron frustrated and I believe the Celts could take the Cavs to game 7. Not to mention the fact that the Garden can easily get in LeBron's head and lengthen the series, Boston is a special place.

The Celts need to go back to Atlanta and play Celtics basketball. If the Celtics can win game 5, the Hawks are done. Game 5 is a must win for the Celtics, they failed to win either of the first 2 games in the ATL. They need to take the momentum they gained in Boston on the plane with them. 

And then (hopefully).....bring on the LeBron!

And if not....the Nets unprotected 1st round pick looms large.