Catio is a horrible idea

A catio is a patio made for a cat or cats. 

I saw this on Facebook this morning and I could not believe how stupid it was. I can think of about 1,000 things that can go wrong when someone leaves their cat in a catio during the work day. 

How about bears? You're telling me a bear wouldn't find a way to rip into that stupid catio and eat those cats? During the hot summer months, caged cats mid as well be steak served on a platter to a bear.

What about fisher cats? Those things are sneaky and fast. Cute right? Nope, nasty.

Or maybe a mountain lion? Strong and deadly.

Whoever designed this catio thing must live in a bubble. And how about the fact that it looks god awful on the side of a house. At least paint it to match the houses trim. Or the fact that it looks like it would be a bitch to clean....and cats smell. Cats are also huge babies that don't like rain so anytime it rains they will be running for the hills.

you know what would be a much better use of someones time? Creating this and then sticking some bee hives inside. Then you could hang it outside your kitchen window and then fresh honey would be an arms length away. Now that is a good idea.