Birdman is dumber than the tattoo on his head

Here is the blog I wrote about what happened with the Birdman interview earlier this week. Now that you are caught up on that, know this: the self made millionaire is selling t-shirts with all of the nonsensical shit he said during the 2 minute interview prior to walking out.

Here is a link to the full set of merch straight from the "rappers" Cash Money site.

You know who would be stupid enough to walk around with this dumb of a shirt? People who tattoo stars on the top of their heads. The fact that he included that horrible silhouette of his tattooed head on these shirts is beyond stupid. How can anyone respect someone with a massive red star on his dome?

"Old school Caddy, fifth wheel, slab back
A brand new truck, a brand new bike
A brand new house, a brand new psych
A brand new bitch live a hood rich life" - Birdman in "I run this"

About as much talent in that verse as there is in these t shirts.

People will sadly wear anything on their t shirts these days. If Birdman can sell these, I urge anyone who has ever had a terrible idea for a t shirt ever to go to the nearest place and have them made. 

There are some positive things that came from this disaster of an interview, like this video from the Hamiltones:

Now that is what this interview deserved. 3 dudes who actually have talent, belting their hearts out all in the name of social media. No t shirts necessary.