Fat criminal brings peanuts to court

Where is the show "My 600 Lb Life" when you need it?

William “Wobbles’’ Soler, a gangster accused of gunrunning sat in court on Monday and munched on a bag of peanuts he shoved between his fat ass and his wheel chair. Hiding a bag of peanuts between yourself and a wheelchair when you know you are going to court and may get hungry is impressive.

 The guy had to be pushed through the audience entrance to the court room due to his girth. 

Wobbles, who goes by the nickname “Redrum,” faces felony conspiracy, criminal possession and criminal sale of firearms for allegedly leading a ring of nine gun runners and selling 93 weapons to an undercover cop.....yikes. Must be the stress making him eat so much.

I guess the term gun runner has nothing to do with actual running, because this guy could not keep the pounds off. How can one run a gun running business and also be a professional eater? Seems like a lot on one mans plate. If you are running an illegal operation, maybe criminals should think about what is going to happen if the cops ever end up catching on and they get in some sort of chase or rundown, if you are fat and in a wheelchair, you might as well cuff yourself. 

I hope those peanuts were good, because moving forward Mr. Soler is looking at a lot of delicious prison food.