Its draft day!

NFL draft day is here and about a million people have spent months mocking the shit out of what will happen in Chicago tonight. Who will be the #1 pick? Who will trade up? Down? Who will draft this years biggest bust? Who will take the biggest risk? Which 7th rounder will be an immediate contributor at the next level? How many hall of famers are in this class?

WHO THE HELL CARES. The NFL draft is so over publicized and over scrutinized its pathetic. I know what you're thinking, I'm saying this as a bitter Pats fan who doesn't have a first round pick this year. Nope. I have never watched an NFL draft by choice. I don't care how many picks the Pats have. The Pats could have 30 picks in the first round and I could care less.

The draft is like a very boring awards show. The host (Dictator Goodell) stinks, the media is having a field day with every move, and it always goes over its slated run time.

None of the football "experts" know anything about anyone in an upcoming draft. They have spent hours and hours speculating and you know what....some of these kids will end up not even playing an NFL game. There will be injuries, cuts, arrests, scandals, and other surprises all before the season starts. 

I start to pay attention to how the new guys are looking at training camp, if and when they make the team, and then during preseason. Before that, nobody knows how any of these kids will pan out at the next level. 

A guy could catch 100 TD's in college, tear his knee in training camp and never be the same player again. Or, a 7th rounder may spend the next 3 or 4 years playing on special teams, before breaking out once he figures out the NFL game. Its a crapshoot! There are no sure-fire players.  

Nobody wants to hug Roger Goodell, nobody wants to get booed as they walk across the stage, nobody wants to talk to the weirdos at ESPN right after they are drafted. Its all lame.

Since everyone else does it, here are my 5 BOLD predictions for tonight's draft:  

1. Dictator Goodell gets booed just as much as when they held this shindig in NYC.

2. 187 QB's are drafted in round 1.

3. Chris Berman accidentally eats a sandwich on live TV.

4. At least 4 players refuse to be within 5 feet of Dictator Goodell.

5. Daredevil crashes the draft and skewers Mel Kiper.