Eagles feed house cat to young

What a video! This is why all of these tiny video camera devises are not always a bad thing. Sure, they are sometimes used to film unsavory activities and such, but then there are videos like this one.... 

God bless the bald eagle. What a regal beast. Just flying above the earth one day and spots a cat, "I'll take this, that you very much." 

And then he feeds that cat to the kiddos. I am not at all a cat person. Shout out to Abby my big dog who would not allow these birds to rip her apart. But, I do not wish for cats to get ripped apart, even if it is by a beautiful creature such as the bald eagle.

Papa Eagle: "Kids, dinner time!"

Eaglets: "What's on the menu pops?"

Papa Eagle: "Only the best for you kiddos, I got a whole god damn house cat."

Eaglets: "Best day ever." 

God. Bless. America.