Opening Day!

Its opening day for the MLB and most importantly the Boston Red Sox. Although the game vs. the Indians has already been postponed thanks to the snow we have received over the last 48 hours (what a joke), here are some things you can look forward to when the Sox get around to playing baseball.

1. Watching two of the best young players in the majors. 

Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts are supremely talented players that the Sox should have in the fold for years to come. They may have some of the hardest to pronounce names around, but they can hit baseballs so that's all that matters. Betts and Bogaerts represent the present and future of Red Sox baseball.

2. Closing your eyes if The Fat Panda or Hanley Remirez see a ton of playing time.

Including this season, these 2 disappointing, nonperforming, washed up idiots are going to be paid $175 million dollars from the Red Sox. Only in America. It does not look like Fat Panda is going to see too much playing time, which everyone should be excited about.

3. The Big Papi farewell tour.

This may be the best argument for the Red Sox making a deep playoff run this season. The 40 year old slugger has been the heart and soul of the Sox for a long time and will surely hit another 30-40 HR's this season. Here's to hoping he has some other bats helping him out. If the Sox do reach the postseason, everyone will get one last chance to see one of the greatest postseason hitters of all time shine again.

4. Fenway Park has new netting behind home plate that will extend from dugout to dugout.

This has been a long time coming. Fenway is home to some of the closest calls in all of baseball in large part due to the fact that the park is small and has a unique shape. Hopefully the new netting will minimize the ambulance activity this least for the fans.

5. The sky-high expectations.

I'm not sure why, but the Sox have very lofty expectations to live up to this season. They do have some pieces, but I'm not sure the pitching nor the health of the team will be strong enough down the stretch. Hopefully, the Ortiz last stand factor will help with those issues. A few things need to happen before the Sox can live up to their goals.

-Pedroia needs to play 150+ games

-Papi cannot miss more than 35 games (he's 40 cut him a little slack)

-Hanley Remirez needs to pull his head out of his ass (he was good with the Marlins)

-Swihart needs to be one of the best catchers in the majors (will make up for some of our pitching deficiencies)

-John Farrell needs to tune out the noise (first 5 game slide, the rumbles will begin)

With that being said, the Sox could be really good, who knows! At least baseball is back.