Starbucks planning massive NYC facility

Starbucks will open its largest store in the world in New York City in 2018. That means more "Skinny," "Half-Caf," "Extra Whip," "Tall," "Venti" overpriced crap for the tri-state area.

I personally do not drink coffee, never have and probably never will (I'm 24). But I do listen to my co-workers put in their orders to Starbucks on a daily basis. There are so many aspects of Starbucks I don't understand. 

1. The awful language. Why make newbies all confused about how to properly order a coffee in English? You make coffee, not rules.

2. The people who work at Starbucks. These people's assholes could not be tighter. It's almost as if in the interview process they say, "Do you have a stick up your ass? Perfect, you're hired."

3. The logo. Do they have the rights to Medusa from Disney? You don't need a mascot, you sell coffee.

I'm going to stop because this list is never ending...and that is without mentioning the absurd prices. Walking into a Starbucks makes me queasy and I know it is a zero fun zone. Everyone in those places is literally always reading, writing, and/or texting.

Back to the new store. The place is going to be an "Interactive Roastery." No thanks, I'd rather go on a brewery tour. The new Starbucks place will be 20,000 square feet. You know how many people playing with their computers, phones, and tablets that is??

Starbucks is calling the new building "coffee as theater." The building will be as large as a movie theater, but infinitely less enjoyable.

I hate everything about the idea of a massive Starbucks store. They already have one out in Seattle (currently the largest in the world), but it makes sense in Seattle because its always so rainy and depressing that people need any excuse to be inside for a few hours.