The post office is the worst of all time

My job requires a lot of things to be shipped. This means that I have learned a lot about UPS, FedEx, USPS, and any other shipping companies that may be useful in Connecticut. You know what is never useful, the post office or USPS, whichever you want to call them.

Let me tell you a little story from today. I walk over to the post office with a colleague to ship out 3 flat-rate boxes. Its about 4 pm and its a brisk windy day. Anyways, my colleague and I enter the post office and see the 5 person line. A 5 person line at the grocery store is a gift, no biggie, at a CVS, even better, may take a few seconds. Hell a 5 person line for the bathroom at McDonalds is not that bad. But in the post office, holy shit a 5 person could take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. 

As my colleague and I stand in line, a rotund postal worker stands behind the counter, chatting with one of her friends that just purchased some stamps. The lady just overpaid for stamps and wants to stick around to chat??? The rotund postal woman finally hands her friend the receipt and says "let us know how we can serve you better." 

I look at my colleague and smile, knowing damn well that if we ever get to the counter and ship our boxes out, I will take that survey being handed out and fill it out real quick and with emotion.

The next customer steps to the counter and asks the rotund postal worker for some more padded envelopes, stating that they are out of them on the rack in the lobby. The worker has no clue where they keep the extra padded envelopes (classic) so we wait....and wait....and wait as she walks to the back to fetch some.

Meanwhile I am taking photos (see above) of this disaster and smirking in the back of the post office, leaning on a rack of padded envelopes. So, I call the guy over and ask him if this is what he needs. It is and he thanks me and shoves his shit in....the problem is that now the fat lady is gone. She went to the back to find the extra padded envelopes and I don't know if she will ever be back. 

Now, this may be hard to believe....but its 4:55, which means that some lady creeps out of god knows where to appear behind me and lock the door. She locks the door with the line still in tact and nobody being helped. This lady thought it was more important to lock the door to signify that the post office was closing at 5 pm than it was to serve any of the customers in line. 

Seconds after the door is locked, I see a young red-headed kid get dropped off by his mom and run into the post office with a package to mail. I look at him and he looks at me as he fails to open the locked door. I smile at him and say "c'mon in," opening the door while the manager of the post office comes to the counter and asks if anyone is here for outgoing mail. "Picking up?" she asks, as everyone rolls their eyes. 

"No, nobody is here for outgoing mail, we are all holding packages," says the fed-up lady in front of me. 

"Well, I cannot help with that, I can get stamps if anyone needs," the manager replies.

She's a post office manager and she can only give people stamps and/or give people outgoing mail? Really?

The red headed kid that I let in is clearly not all there upstairs and yells to the manager "I just need to mail this package in state."

"I understand that, but I cannot help you," she replies.

"This is why the post office is going down hill fast," said the fed-up lady in front of me. "You will all be out of jobs soon. I've been standing here for 15 minutes and nobody has been helped."

"Actually, mam, the post office is more profitable now than ever, and we are always busy come closing time," replies the manager. 

No idea what time my colleague and I finally made it to the counter, I was far too distracted by the hilarity ensuing around me. The process of mailing out 3 boxes took just a few minutes as it should.

The post office is the worst. If you are always busy around closing time, maybe...just maybe, you should be prepared and have more than one rotund lady within the vicinity of the place to help the customers. Just an idea. I'm not the manager so I wouldn't know. 

The post office is infuriating and the worst.