Barefoot Bieber in Boston

Apparently the Biebs has been in Beantown for a few days performing at The Garden. And per usual with everywhere the pop star goes, people are taking photos of him doing weird shit.

Let me start of by giving Bieber a compliment, I love the new hair, nice buzz, you don't look like the lesbian of old, bravo.

These are the kind of shots people are posting of the Biebs in Boston. Why can't this weirdo just be a normal famous person, shouldn't there be like 100 security guards surrounding him? But no, there he is just sitting on a bench barefoot with his new buzz cut and his earphones in as if he has no clue people in Boston Common know who he is. There were reports of Biebs laying in the grass, playing with squirrels, and ignoring people left and right.

The above message was posted to Biebers Instagram account, I don't necessarily disagree with the message to his fans, he has the right to refuse photos anytime he wants. But if it were me, I would not be strolling around Boston Common barefoot, I could do that and it would cause people to look my way, and I'm a nobody. 

All he had to do was put some shoes on, wear the hood that he had laying on his back, and act like a normal human and he would have had no problem. The Biebs can pretty much do whatever he wants on this earth (God only knows why), but one thing he will always find hard to get away with is drawing attention to himself and then complaining about it.