My immune system welcomes germs

So for the third time in 6 months I have strep throat. I have come to the conclusion that my immune system thinks opposite day is everyday of the week and is just a turn style for germs that wish to enter. Just like the turn styles that Boston has underground for the T stations where multiple people can get through with one swipe of a card that their friend found on the ground.

Anyways, there are about 9 million things you are not supposed to do when you have strep throat. You need to eat a lot of calories so that your body can fight off the bacteria, but at the same time you are not supposed to eat anything dairy, spicy, fried, salty or creamy. So I guess you're supposed to eat 3 pounds of veggies a day? You are not supposed to take hot showers with a fever, which is one of the only things that make you feel better when you are sick. Here are some other "don'ts" for when you have strep. (these I agree with)

Kissing - No shit, my head feels like it is about to roll off. Get away from me.

Talk - Yeah, that's possible, especially at work.

Drink alcohol - One Budweiser and I would die.

But then today at work it hit me.......maybe I need to be doing all of the wrong things, maybe that is why I keep getting strep. If I just do all of the shit people warn you not to do with strep, the next time the bacteria comes a knocking it'll think "hey, this guy's reckless, we're not gonna mess with him today."

Maybe an order of spicy buffalo wings and a gallon of milk is just what my body needs.