I really hope Popovich is not done

The Spurs finally looked like a group of old men last night against a Thunder team that has quite possibly the most athletic point guard of all time as well as one of the best almost 7 foot tall shooters of all time. Both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are in their primes and would not be denied a chance to finally face the Warriors. Truth be told, the Spurs have no business playing the Warriors this season either. That being said, Spurs coach Greg Popovich had better not be thinking about hanging up his clipboard just yet.

Its press conferences like the one after last nights game that make me realize how much I would miss Pop if he retired. He is the Belichick of the NBA, keeping it real 1000% of the time.

Never change Pop, never change. And even if Duncan calls it quits, come back for a few more years of yelling at reporters and rubbing people the wrong way.