Drake on SNL was not terrible

I am not a Drake fan, and generally think he smells. I have to admit though, he did a good job hosting SNL this weekend. If nothing else he has no problem making a fool of himself. This was my favorite clip from the show and is 100% Drake.

When you're known for taking everything to heart and being emotional, you have to acknowledge that and have a good time with it. Props to Drake for not shying away from who he is.

It is still odd to me that the most popular rapper on the planet acts like this in the public eye. Drake has been winning for so long that I guess he can just do what he wants and doesn't have to be the "tough rapper from the streets guy." Every time he tries to be that guy it backfires and nobody believes him, which is another reason Drake should stick to being the guy in this skit. 

The scene where he is using the chair for his hat is so Drake it hurts. Drizzy lets everything bother him. Also, you could literally piece these half dozen short raps together and Drake would have a hit on his hands.