If Caitlyn Jenner is allowed to go back to being a man.....

Reports are floating everywhere about how Caitlyn Jenner may want to switch back to being a man (laughter).

If Caitlyn, or Bruce, or whoever it is at this point is allowed to flip flop their sexual identity, I think everyone should be able to do whatever the hell they want, forever.

At this point its actually kind of funny, Caitlyn can wake up and claim either male or female depending on how she's feeling. It makes no sense. I am going to refer to Caitlyn as an "it" for the remainder of this post because I have no idea if she has a dick or not, and last time I checked our reproductive organs are what make us male or female.

It can wake up and decide its feeling a little down and lonely, maybe wants to get some extra attention, so it can go to the closet, grab some revealing clothes and call the paparazzi over to take some intimate photos of life as a Jenner.

The next day it wakes up and is feeling mighty, maybe even a little empowered. Maybe it wants to go to the track, dust off the old flats, and run some laps for old times sake. Maybe empower some women or men or whoever will pay attention. Then take some more paparazzi photos. 

Basically, it can be whoever it wants just for some press, money, and speaking engagements. So pathetic. Millions of other people on this earth probably waffle on their sexual identity on a daily basis and nobody gives a shit.

Also, I'm not sure it ever really changed its private parts. Combing your hair different and bunching up mam boobs is not becoming a woman, its begging for attention. Getting your balls chopped is becoming an woman. Maybe it does no longer have balls, but considering it is reportedly thinking of going back, I doubt any permanent changes were made.

It needs to shut the hell up forever. People should not care what sex it is, it should do whatever it wants.

In fact, everyone should do what they want.

You wanna rob a bank? Do it!

You wanna drive off a cliff? Do it!

You wanna make sexy time with your mom? Do it!

You wanna eat mac and cheese for breakfast? Do it!

You wanna go to Applebee's? Do it!