Bring the dog to work

My dog Abby spends a few days a week in the office with me, working her tail off for our company. Not only does she provide a much needed calming presence in the office, but she brings the added bonus of making people laugh and providing free entertainment. 

Abby helped us move in to this office and little did we know she left a tennis ball underneath a coffee table in the corner, planning for the future, smart pup. Now she always has a toy to play with while she's at work.

She never fails to meet the postman at the door when he or she comes in, and always locks down the perimeter because in today's world, you can never be too safe. Crazy people everywhere. 

Sure, most of the day Abby is curled up on the floor with her eyes closing, but she is always ready for action. At the crinkle of a bag or the sound of the toilet flushing, she is up and reporting for duty. My coworkers take a smoke break, she follows them. Someone leaves the office to grab lunch, she's sad. Somehow she ALWAYS knows when food is involved. 

An entire side of our office has floor to ceiling windows, Abby sees everything. Geese, squirrels, pups, humans, yard workers, accidents in the parking lot, people holding hands, ducks, children, rain, you name it, she is all over it. They all tickle her senses in a different way and you know what, none of it bothers her because she is here to do her job, just like the rest of us.

Productivity is never higher than when Abby is in the office, and this way she gets to keep an eye on me, which seems to be part of her day job as well. Shout out to all of the hard working dogs out there, keeping their humans company while simply working their paws off from 9-5.