Nobody can stop the feeling

Ever wonder how they shoot these types of music videos? I like to think the producers are sent roaming the streets by JT's team and eventually they convince enough people to come and dance with no cares for a music video of a song which they don't know.

In reality the dancers are either paid performers and/or the producers reveal that it is indeed the new JT smash and nobody ever turns down the opportunity, but this theory is no fun.

My mystery theory is much more entertaining for all involved. That way, the people who turn down the opportunity are left kicking themselves forever, knowing this video will be watched hundreds of millions of times all around the globe. It doesn't matter how bad you suck at dancing or how little you like to dance in front of others, all rules are off for a JT video. Fat, white, black, skinny, round, square, nobody can stop the feeling.

PS. This video concept works every time. Always ends up being funny and fun.