The Facebook surround 360 camera is people watching at its best

Facebook's new 360 degree camera was set up in Grand Central for a few days in March and captured pure people watching bliss. The footage is like sitting on a mall bench during the Christmas season on steroids.

Facebook compiled the footage from the camera into a video that is just over 3 minutes long, and yes it has a futuristic voyeur feel to it (The video is called Here And Now). Sort of creepy, but no different from actually going into Grand Central and doing a little people watching.

Let's be honest, the city that never sleeps has no shortage of weirdos, especially in Grand Central in the wee hours of the night/morning. 

During this exercise, the video equipment was clearly visible as people keep stopping in front of the camera lens to hog up some air time (classic humans). That aside, if they could better hide one of these 360 cameras and leave it on 24/7, that would be viral entertainment by the people, for the people.

I wonder how much technology Facebook has? How much money would they be willing to pour into this? How creepy could it get? Something tells me that as this technology becomes more mainstream, we will surely find out.

God Bless America and our creepy technology ideas.