Mount Washington is THE wind tunnel

I'm embarrassed to say that I am from NH and have never been to the summit of Mount Washington, it's no good. I have always hated the stupid bumper stickers that people put on their cars so that the world knows the car did not die on the way up the mountain. Congrats, you don't drive an absolute piece of shit. You wanna put a bumper sticker on your car? Run up the God damn mountain, then you have earned it.

But the wind atop Mount Washington is no joke. Its strong enough that Marvel should think about shooting the next Thor movie up their. The special effects would be much easier seeing as the winds can knock anyone, even Chris Hemsworth, off their feet. Mount Washington may indeed be located on another planet judging by the video that is leaked out every so often. 

I would love to experience wind like this. It must humble you real quick. Not being able to take a step forward is a real problem.

These weather guys who live atop Mount Washington have quite the gig. Nobody knows what they are doing up their until they decide to dig the cameras out and film crazy weather stuff. They could literally be doing anything up their. Gotta love NH.