My dog fears Siri

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't have any Apple products, way too overpriced. I don't need to fit in with everyone and their "i" devices. Another dent in Apple's amour is that my dog, Abby, hates Siri. Summon Siri and Abby runs for the hills.

I've known Siri was an evil temptress for a while now, and Abby confirmed it today when one of my coworkers summoned Siri by accident from his desk and Abby immediately started scanning the office for threats. I've said this before too, dogs know what is up. Their sense are better than ours. Therefore, Siri is a wench, its confirmed. 

Not at all surprised that dogs don't enjoy artificial intelligence. They enjoy being the smartest beings in a room and wouldn't have it any other way. Abby has nothing to say to any being that is not human. Straight dial tone for Siri and if she ever decides to show herself, well, Abby will be the first one to take care of her like Will Smith in iRobot.  

You can mark this down as another thing my dog and I see eye to eye on.