People who put flyers on cars for advertising are horrible

Almost daily my car gets tagged with a flyer at my works parking lot by the surrounding businesses. Its 2016, there's no better way to market your shit these days? Why in the world do you need to put a small piece of laminated paper under my wiper when you know damn well its going to fly off on the highway when I drive home. (That is if I don't see it and remove it first). 

I blame the pollution and littering problems that the earth faces today partly on these flyer spreading scoundrels. There has got to be some statistic that shows that 100% of the flyers get thrown away and lead to zero business. I have no idea how one would track the these paper handouts (another reason they are stupid), but if its possible, I am willing to bet they are not effective.

Can't these Chinese restaurants create a website? I've never seen a well put together Chinese food website, but a crappy site has to be more effective than sticking a piece of paper on peoples windows. When I leave work, the chances of me being like "Oh, perfect! I'll go there," may be less than 0%. Not the time and not the place for marketing games. 

I take no responsibility if/when the paper goes flying off my windshield to the side of the road. I did not place the paper there and I certainly did not want it there. So, when it lands on the side of the highway and some bird eats it and passes away, blame the taggers.