Eric Decker is delusional, thinks AFC East is "wide open"

Decker went on NFL Network today and claimed the AFC East to be wide open. Stop it Eric, just stop now before you say anything else. I have breaking news for you, the worst the Pats could possibly do during the first 4 games (if Brady is suspended for no reason) is go 1-3. Let's run with that scenario for the time being. 

Quick tangent I believe that Decker is a very sad man due to the fact that he is basically the only quality white receiver who has never had the privilege of catching passes from Touchdown Tommy. He can't help but dream of his potential stat line and cannot stop being jealous. Now back to business.

So the Pats sit at 1-3 and are headed to Cleveland to take on RGIII and the boys.....need I say more? Talk about a perfect game to welcome Brady back, let him shake the rust off and let the offense ramp up to epic proportions.

From there on out, its going to be a nightmare for anyone standing on the opposing sideline of the Pats, that's a fact. In fact, I would argue that if Brady does not serve a suspension, AFC East opponents have a better shot at toppling the Pats division dominance.

If Brady does indeed serve the most unwarranted suspension in sports history, run-up-the-score-Belichick will be in full force once Touchdown Tommy returns and the second leg of the Kill Everybody Tour will kick off. Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, Hogan, Blount, Lewis, Bennett, the TD passes will pile up and so will the W's. 

Decker needs to go to wherever Fitzmagic lives, get on his knees, and beg the bearded one to re-sign, because if not the Petty, Hackenberg, and Geno show will be an all-time terrible QB trio. 3 HEADED MONSTER! Focus, Decker, focus.