Taco Bell is adding fried chicken taco shells

Taco Bell stinks, always have and always will. You get what you pay for so anyone who says "bro, I got 10 tacos for $10," is a moron. Yeah, you did, and nothing good came from eating them. Your body and toilet both hate you and you immediately lose self esteem post meal.

That being said, Taco Bell has one thing that sets them apart, they literally will make anything into a shell for their tacos. Fried chicken shells is just the next logical step for The Bell. We all know this is not real fried chicken, and it will not take long for consumers (or their butt cheeks) to figure this out. Genius move by Taco Bell to sell people on the fact that these shells are fried chicken, a shell is so thin that it could be anything. Its fried......something.

Personally, I do not want chicken on the outside of my taco, because it diminishes the deliciousness of the chicken and/or beef that is tucked inside. I'm sure people are very excited about this added fried chicken, and nothing will ever stop hard-core Bellers from eating at The Bell.

I just hope that next in line is bat feet tacos, because that is truly what Taco Bell meat is. Chicken....pllleeeassseee.