The Death Lineup

I know the Golden State Warriors have been running out their "Death Lineup" for just about 2 full NBA seasons now. The lineup that is almost impossible to defend because everyone can shoot from anywhere on the floor. Draymond, Curry, Thompson, and the boys have certainly killed teams over and over again with their patented "Death Lineup."

The Thunder may be well on their way to solving Golden States' riddle, so its time to look forward to another Death Lineup that will be killing teams left and right come this fall.

Much like the Warriors, teams will have a hard time defending this Patriots lineup with 5 legitimate pass catchers. Amendola, Bennett, Gronk, Edelman, and Lewis can all catch passes in the slot or lineup outside. Amendola, Lewis, and Edelman can lineup in the backfield and run wheel routes and jet sweeps till the cows come home. Bennett and Gronk can block for the running back while attracting double teams all game. And, yes, Brady and Edelman can both be threats to throw the football. It's like the ultimate Swiss Army Knife.

All of this without knowing the impact of any rookies and/or backup offensive weapons the Pats will surely use as the season rolls along.

Like a group of legendary men once said, for those about to rock, we salute you.